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The Japanese and other manufacturers are selling huge amounts of amino acids obtained via fermentation or hydrolysis, which are not biologically active and contain small toxic molecules coming from the culture media and these toxic molecules will endanger by alterations within the cell. One gram of biologically active amino acid complex of 19 L-amino acid is equivalent to 3000 grams of Biologically INACTIVE form of amino acid, (biological activity scale), as such in terms of BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY, our Amino acids are 3000 times more biologically active than the same amino acids obtained by hydrolysis or by fermentation because I repeat our amino acids are not obtained by those methods. Being biologically active, our amino acids will have an effect on the metabolic activity of living cells. The biochemical processes whereby nutritive material is converted to living matter, or aids in building living matter, or by which complex substances and food are broken down into simple substances. This activity gives a positive effect on the energetic efficiency of the feed, improvements in the quality & quantity of intestinal and cecal flora, increase in weight, consistent effect of low energetic content, caloric conversion factor thus savings in feed quantity.

BIOAMINOL, BIOHUME, BIOKAD and BIOFOS are added at specific stages of the plant’s development   Contact Us!

Those claims are not totally true or exactly true. For obtaining L-amino acids and free it is compulsory to use a very high sophisticated technology following the enzymatic hydrolysis which means that the amino acids would be costly, that is why the Japanese have rejected that technology they have preferred to follow the fermentative process for obtaining cheap amino acid not totally pure. But with the enzymatic hydrolysis process is totally impossible for obtaining L-amino acid, pure and biologically active; these characteristics only are obtained by following the cellular pathway biosynthesis process.

The Characteristic what best defined in our amino acids and oligo peptides is its application in medicine, especially for CNS degenerative diseases because our amino acids and oligopeptides can cross the bbb (Blood Brain Barrier) without causing harm in the neurons, there is no pharmaceutical company in the market, as antidepressants or similar, that can do it.

Biologically Active BIONUTRIENTS

The active principles inherent in the technology associated with our agricultural products.

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