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About Alia Biosys

Alia Biosys is a Biotechnology based company that specialises in the implementation of integral and sustainable projects aimed at developing innovative products for use in the field of agriculture and second generation medical treatment.

Our amino acids mimic the self-synthesised amino acids by plants, animals and humans. Therefore, our amino acids are based on Extra-cellular Transcription Factors (ETF), and we are the unique manufacturers of such amino acids. We are a company with a great commitment for environmental preservation that produces ecological plant protection products (Bio-stimulants and Bio-fertilizers).

Novel production technologies as well as innovative advanced management systems.

A key issue related to the implementation of a sustainable agriculture farming is minimizing the agricultural inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which directly affects the crop yield and product quality. In turn, managing the plantations in a highly efficient manner implies integrating different novel production technologies, as well as innovative advanced management systems that minimise agricultural inputs, secure production goals, and miximize crop productivity. Reducing the agricultural inputs will bring two beneficial effects 1) Improved quality 2) Reduced crop implementation costs.

We maintain a commitment to the preservation of the environment. Therefore, all our products manufactured or under development, are ecological in their composition and are recommended to correct the effects of phytotoxicity and contamination of soil caused by all types of fungicides, herbicides etc.

Our Product Attributes

Synthesised Free Amino Acids
It is a complex of 19 free biologically amino acids denoted as SFAA (synthesised free amino acids), along with short chains of upto three amino acids denoted as LWOP (low molecular weight oligo peptides). Since our products are made up of naturally occurring micro molecules (amino acids and oligo peptides common to plants), plus elements specific to different development stages, they do not produce adverse effects neither in plants or soil nor on other organism that may come in contact with them.
Important Characteristics
One important characteristics of our active material is due to the bipolar properties of amino acids and oligo peptides that allow them to act as carriers of nutrients and other chemical and biological compounds. This facts has associated the use of our technology with economically significant increases in the biological activity (ie reduction in doses), of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides for the plantations that apply our technology simultaneously. Our products are stable with a shelf life of upto 5 years.
Advanced stage in our R & D Project
At an advanced stage in our R&D project is based on the application of artificial intelligence and neural network computing, for application in ferti-irrigation, whose first result show that it will result in a very important change in sustainable agricultural production models, with minimal environmental impact, highest yields, and lowest total cost of production, applicable to any crop.

We guarantee our clients

  • 1
  • Yield increase ranging from 15-25%
  • 2
  • Improved quality
  • 3
  • Reduction in artificial fertilizers by 25-30%
  • 4
  • Strengthening the crops after damage caused by adverse weather (drought/heavy rains) or chemical agents

Our Client

Certification of Appreciation by Amalgamated Plantations (A TATA Enterprise).

Multinational field trials---UPASI, TRA TOCKLAI, Tea Research Institute (TRI) Sri Lanka, Indonesia Tea Association, NOMAFSI, Café de Colombia, Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI)etc